Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Please check back for updates, as we will be updating our resources and links as we receive additional information.

What is JLS doing?

Our office is currently closed to guests and visitors, but please know that we are not taking this situation lightly. We are doing all we can behind the scenes to ensure your health and safety. We are also looking into what can be done to help those affected by business closures and job losses. We will continue to explore any and all available options to help those affected. While we may not be available currently by in office appointments, please know that you can still reach us via phone, email, and text. We will continue to do our best to prepare for the worst but have hope and pray for the best.

What can We do? (Tenant)


•Toilet paper is the only product that should be flushed down the toilet. Do NOT flush any facial tissues, paper towels, baby wipes, etc.
•Do not put grease or food items down any drains. These should all be properly disposed or recycled.
Heat/Air Conditioning:
•Makes sure you are replacing your furnace filter every 30-days. This will help make sure you are not putting un-needed strain on your furnace or air conditioner.
Fire Safety:
•Please take this time to check your smoke detectors and CO2 detectors. These should have fresh batteries every 6 months and be tested regularly.
•Now is also a good time to make sure your fire extinguisher is not expired and that the gauge is in the green zone.
•Dryer vents and catches should be checked and cleaned after every use.
•It is important to practice good hygiene, wash your hands regularly, and to wipe down commonly used surfaces such as door knobs and light switches.
•Taking out the garbage and properly storing food will help eliminate any pest issues that may arise as well.
•We are asking that if you live in a shared home/apartment, that guests and visitors not be allowed at this time. We most certainly will not be policing/enforcing, but we ask that you consider this out of respect for your neighbors/friends/family.

How do we pay rent?

At this time, we are asking that all rent is paid via your online "Tenant Web Access" (TWA), sent via mail to our PO Box, or placed in the drop box outside of the office. (Remember to use the ACH option, using your checking account number and routing number. The processing company charges large fees for using any "cards")

JLS Property Management
PO Box 178
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

*Please protect yourself and do NOT send Cash. (Checks, Money Orders, and Certified Checks are preferred if paying by mail)

I need help with rent, what can I do?

Please call, text, or email the office as soon as possible, and inform them of your personal situation. We are currently exploring all options and what can be done to help. We will post additional resources as they become available.